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Aftercare & Advice


You are now the Proud Owner of a new set of Nail Enhancements or Overlays. Please take pride, but also take care and attention.

Your new nails will need regular maintenance (approximately every 2 weeks).
As your natural Nail grows, the product will grow with it, thus leaving a small gap at the cuticle end of the nail. This gap will need in-filling and your nails rebalanced.

Occassionally you may find that you loose a nail. Don't be disheartened, ladies occassionally loose a nail, but the advantage with Enhancements is that we can put another one on for you!

We cannot guarantee your nails, so regular maintenance will prolong your investment.

We highly recommend you apply cuticle oil and hand cream on a daily basis. If you remove your varnish, it is essential that you use a non-acetone based remover. If re-applying varnish you must use a good quality basecoat.

Please remember the following points:-

DO always use the pads of your fingers on switches
DO pick things up with the sides of your fingers
DO use non-acetone nail varnish remover and apply cuticle oil and hand cream daily
DO use the correct neil files if you wish to shape or shorten
DO return regularly for maintenance
DO wear gloves for Housework or gardening
DO NOT attempt home removal - You risk damaging your natural nails
DO NOT be tempted to pick or bite your nails

and above all please remember to treat your new nails as Jewels NOT tools!

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